We’re pleased to announce an exciting milestone for Kandou: on 24th August 2023, we have had a successful first close of our $100 million equity financing. This significant step forward enables us to continue pushing the boundaries in technology and deliver our high-speed, high-quality signal conditioning solutions to even more customers around the world.

A Vote of Confidence in Kandou’s Vision

In this initial round, we secured $72.3 million, reflecting the robust confidence our investors have in our technology and strategic direction. This brings the total investment in Kandou to an impressive $280 million, reinforcing our strong position in the marketplace.

Why Our Chip-to-Chip Solutions Are Pivotal

At the heart of our work are our transformative chip-to-chip solutions, which have revolutionised the way data is transmitted. Offering unrivalled efficiency and performance, these solutions not only benefit the semiconductor industry but also further solidify our reputation as a leading innovator.

Preparing for the Future: Expansion and “Regli”

This fresh injection of capital allows us to focus on ambitious plans for growth and to strengthen our leadership in the semiconductor sector. One key initiative we’re particularly excited about is the forthcoming launch of “Regli.” Part of our multiprotocol retimer family, “Regli” is designed to support the PCI Express® (PCIe®) 5.0 specification and CXL™ 2.0. This new solution will enhance data centres, supporting both PCIe and Compute Express Link (CXL™), and setting new industry standards for connectivity solutions.

A Message from Our CEO, Amin Shokrollahi

Our CEO and Founder, Amin Shokrollahi, summed up the momentous occasion, stating, “Kandou is thrilled to have received such overwhelming support from our investors. This financing round is a testament to the value of our technology to innovate and deliver high-speed connectivity solutions. We are excited to leverage this funding to bring our solutions to more customers around the world.”

What Comes Next

The impact of successfully closing this equity financing round is significant. It positions us well for accelerated global expansion and opens up a range of new possibilities. But this is just the beginning. We are planning a second close with an additional $27.7 million in funding scheduled for later this year. This continued backing further underscores the confidence and enthusiasm surrounding Kandou’s potential to shape the future of high-speed data transmission.

We’re excited about what lies ahead and are committed to keeping you updated as we embark on this next phase of our journey.