Faster, Clearer, Smarter Signal Conditioning

We are Kandou, specialists in high speed, high quality signal conditioning. We’re using our world-class chips and Tier 1 supply chain to make every wired connection faster, clearer and more meaningful.

Our products

PCIe Retimers

Regli – industry leading signal optimization for PCIe® 5.0 and CXL 2.0.
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USB4 Retimers

Matterhorn – empowering the next generation of high speed USB4 connections
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IP Solutions

Glasswing – our ultra-short reach SerDes built using Chord signaling.
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Superior quality. Absolute clarity.

We’re constantly striving for connectivity perfection. Here’s what makes our precision-engineered chips so good.
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Reliable and credible. Every step of the way.

Our Tier 1 supply chain is trusted by some of the biggest names in tech.
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